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Higher Certificates, Degrees and
Postgraduate Qualifications

in Marketing, Supply Chain and Business.

  • Spacious Studios
  • Information Centre
  • Free WiFi
  • Cafe Courtyard
  • Secure Parking


We are moving to Bosman Business Centre, Distillery Road, Bosman’s Crossing
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Why IMM Graduate School in Stellenbosch?

Besides the natural beauty of Stellenbosch and thousands of activities to do outside class, IMM Graduate School makes the visit worthwhile. Your tutors are experts in their industry with great wisdom to pass on to you.

Your academic enrichment paired with the cultural development will change the way you view the world regardless of whether you are studying Marketing or Supply Chain Management. South Africa’s greatest asset – her people – who you would have met during class, at a bistro or at one of the great activities you participated in, will show you that there is a little bit of Africa in us all.

You will expand your knowledge on life and the wonderful people in it!

At Stellenbosch you will find:
– A team of administrative staff eager to assist with any queries
– A resource centre containing prescribed textbooks
– Free WiFi for research and completion of assignments
– Access to flexible schedules of daytime or evening tutorials
Students can expect:
– A deeper understanding of their field of study
– Small tutorial classes and mentorship from experienced tutors
– Fellow students that share similar interests and challenges
– A platform to share ideas and ask questions

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